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Tax & Tax Advisory 

We help our clients navigate tax changes and make sure they stay on the right side of the IRS. Tax advisory is one of our firm’s top specialties.

Not sure how to approach taxes? Our team of experts are ready to help you get a plan in place. Maybe it’s a simple tax return, estate tax planning, or tax projections for your company–whatever tax assistance you are looking for, ZOMMA Group can provide it.

We are here to help you strategize and implement tax reduction methods to reduce your liability. We prepare our clients for every possible outcome. We have a team of professionals ready to assist you. We help our clients navigate tax changes and make sure they stay on the right side of the IRS.


Our team is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality tax services. You’re ready to get started and we’re ready to help you. Let’s get to work!

  • High net worth planning

  • Individual and trust planning

  • Business and personal income tax returns

  • Estate and gift planning

  • IRS representation

  • Income Projections

  • Income tax returns

Tax Controversy

Need a new perspective and help to resolve old tax issues? It’s not unusual for tax issues to get the better of individuals or businesses. After all, taxes can be complicated, and people don’t always feel like they have the time or expertise to tackle them. But the longer your tax problems go unresolved, the worse the issue can become, and the bigger of an effect it can have on your personal life and business operations. So, don’t wait any longer. ZOMMA Group is ready to assist.

  • IRS Representation

  • Tax disputes and audit defense services

  • Voluntary disclosures

  • Innocent spouse relief

  • Penalty abatement requests

  • Responsible party assessment defense

  • Release of liens

International Tax

  • Inbound Structure

  • Residency

  • Compliance - IRS

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